Extras and Links

A General Timeline to the Events of the War (page by Edward James)

A History of the First World War in 100 Moments (from The Independent newspaper)

FirstWorldWar.Com: A multi-media history of World War One

Great War Dust Jackets: a wonderful memorial to what usually (and certainly in the case of the British Library copies I have been consulting) gets thrown away.

Great War Fiction: a fascinating blog from George Simmers

Jessica Meyer’s First World War blog, “Arms and the Medical Man”

The National Archives: First World War

Voices Prophesying War (page by Edward James)


various links to newspaper articles


4 responses to “Extras and Links

  1. Where on your page(s) would I look to find any of the Posters that will represent the authors and experiences? Thank You

    • Nowhere on the pages, I am afraid: they are far too large (2.1 by .8 metres). they are going on public display at the World Science Fiction Convention in London next month; and thereafter at other venues, to be arranged. I shall probably be putting the *information* that is up on the banners on the Pages before long; but not until after Worldcon — I am far too busy!

  2. oh! I guess I was thinking some *little* representations of the imagery your exhibit is centered around (perhaps I’m reading the description wrong: I’m really visually oriented, so Wish-Fulfillment can have a lot to do with the way I “read” things). Good Luck with your Preparations! You seem on top of things!

  3. Also: I interpreted the note about the posters that they were New Art done for the Exhibit: if they are original WWI posters, of course they are huge and very fragile, difficult to toss on the ol’ scanner. I was intrigued by the idea there’d be New Art based on the text of the exhibit…

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