The Writers

France Guillaume Apollinaire
United-Kingdom F. Britten Austin
France Henri Barbusse
United-Kingdom Owen Barfield
United-Kingdom Maurice Baring
United-Kingdom Vernon Bartlett
France Pierre Benoit
United-Kingdom Stella Benson
United-Kingdom Algernon Blackwood
United-Kingdom Fenner Brockway
United-Kingdom John Buchan
Ukraine Mikhail Bulgakov
United-KingdomA.M. Burrage
United-Kingdom Philip George Chadwick
United-Kingdom G.K. Chesterton
France Michel Corday
United-Kingdom Noel Coward
United-States Henry Darger
United-Kingdom W.A. Darlington
France Léon Daudet
United-Kingdom Geoffrey Dearmer
United-Kingdom Guy Dent
United-Kingdom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
France Émile Driant
United-KingdomCharles Duff
United-Kingdom Lord Dunsany
Germany Hanns Heinz Ewers
United-KingdomCyril Falls
France Claude Farrère
United-Kingdom George Fitzmaurice
United-Kingdom Ford Madox Ford
United-Kingdom E.M. Forster
United-Kingdom Gilbert Frankau
United-Kingdom Ronald Fraser
United-Kingdom David Garnett
United-Kingdom Lewis Gibbs
United-Kingdom John Gloag
United-Kingdom Robert Graves
United-Kingdom Gerald Grogan
United-Kingdom Cicely Hamilton
United-Kingdom James Hanley
United-Kingdom L.P. Hartley
United-Kingdom A.P. Herbert
United-Kingdom Edward Heron-Allen
United-Kingdom James Hilton
United-Kingdom William Hope Hodgson
United-Kingdom Claude Houghton
United-Kingdom Muriel Jaeger
United-Kingdom W.E. Johns
Germany Ernst Jünger
United-StatesDavid H. Keller
Germany Bernhard Kellermann

United-Kingdom Hugh Kingsmill
United-KingdomRudyard Kipling
United-KingdomUnited States Edward Knoblock
France Jean de La Hire
United-Kingdom C.S. Lewis
United-Kingdom Wyndham Lewis
United-Kingdom David Lindsay
United-Kingdom Eric Linklater
United-Kingdom Hugh Lofting
United-Kingdom A.M. Low
United-Kingdom F.L. Lucas
United-Kingdom Rose Macaulay
United-Kingdom Arthur Machen
United-Kingdom H.C. McNeile (“Sapper”)
Italy Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
United-Kingdom John Masefield
France André Maurois
France Régis Messac
Austria Gustav Meyrink
United-Kingdom A.A. Milne
United-Kingdom Naomi Mitchison
United-Kingdom C.E. Montague
France José Moselli
United-Kingdom R.H. Mottram
United-Kingdom H.H. Munro (“Saki”)
United-Kingdom C.R.W. Nevinson
United-Kingdom Robert Nichols
France Ernest Pérochon
Austria Leo Perutz
United-Kingdom J.B. Priestley
United-Kingdom Herbert Read
France Maurice Renard
United-Kingdom Sax Rohmer

United-Kingdom Bertrand Russell

United-KingdomCanada Robert W. Service
United-Kingdom Edward Shanks
United-Kingdom George Bernard Shaw
United-Kingdom R.C. Sherriff
United-Kingdom Lance Sieveking
United-Kingdom May Sinclair
United-Kingdom Osbert Sitwell
France Jacques Spitz
United-Kingdom Olaf Stapledon
Austria Karl Hans Strobl
United-Kingdom Barbara Euphan Todd
United-Kingdom J.R.R. Tolkien
Czech-Republic Jan Weiss
United-Kingdom H.G. Wells
Austria Franz Werfel
United-Kingdom Percy F. Westerman
United-Kingdom Dennis Wheatley
Russia Yevgeny Zamyatin

Apologies for using modern flags; if I can find or manufacture more period-appropriate icons than the modern flags for Germany and the parts of the former Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires, I shall.


7 responses to “The Writers

  1. Mark Valentine

    Thanks Edward. Two others. Ronald Fraser (1888-1974), author of The Flying Draper (1924), Flower Phantoms (1926) and other fantasies, served in the Honourable Artillery Company from 1914, was seriously wounded at the Battle of Beaumont Hamel and was invalided out: his left arm and hand were permanently disabled. Guy Dent (1892-1954), author of the scientic romance Emperor of the If (1926) was a Flying Officer from March 1916, and seconded to the west African Regiment. Mark

  2. Edward, then there’s Philip George Chadwick, author of ‘The Death Guard’ – the SFE has an entry on him, though he remains a rather mysterious figure, so you’d probably only be able to list him under “they also served”.

  3. Paul March-Russell

    Dear Edward, just relaying the comments made on Farah’s post. Neither Guillaume Apollinaire nor Blaise Cendrars nor May Sinclair have individual entries in the SF Encyclopedia, so you may not want to give them too much prominence, but Sinclair was a friend to one of your writers, Wyndham Lewis. For the record, Apollinaire wrote one science fiction story, ‘The Moon King’ (1916), whilst Cendrars ‘cut-up’ the work of sf writer Gustave Le Rouge – an author whom he admired – in his prose-poem, ‘Kodak’ (1923). The anti-hero of Cendrars’ “Moravagine” (1926) ultimately believes himself to be a Martian. Sinclair, who volunteered as an ambulance driver, wrote two sf stories, ‘Where Their Fire is Not Quenched’ and ‘The Finding of the Absolute’ (both 1923). The former was anthologised by Jorge Luis Borges whilst the latter has been discussed by, amongst others, David Glover (in relation to Conrad and Ford’s “The Inheritors”) and David Seed.

  4. Harm J. Schelhaas

    Edward, possibly this might provide you with some more period flags:

    Also, in my browser, the French and Ukrainian flags appear 5×5 times as large as the others.

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