War Experiences

France Guillaume Apollinaire
United-Kingdom F. Britten Austin
France Henri Barbusse
United-Kingdom Owen Barfield
United-Kingdom Maurice Baring
United-Kingdom Vernon Bartlett
France Pierre Benoit
United-Kingdom Stella Benson
United-Kingdom Algernon Blackwood
United-Kingdom Fenner Brockway
United-Kingdom John Buchan
Ukraine Mikhail Bulgakov
United-Kingdom A.M. Burrage
United-Kingdom Philip George Chadwick
United-Kingdom G.K. Chesterton
France Michel Corday
United-Kingdom Noël Coward
United-States Henry Darger
United-Kingdom W.A. Darlington
France Léon Daudet
United-Kingdom Geoffrey Dearmer
United-Kingdom Guy Dent
United-Kingdom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
France Émile Driant
United-Kingdom Charles Duff
United-Kingdom Lord Dunsany
Germany Hanns Heinz Ewers
United-Kingdom Cyril Falls
France Claude Farrère
United-Kingdom George Fitzmaurice
United-Kingdom Ford Madox Ford
United-Kingdom E.M. Forster
United-Kingdom Gilbert Frankau
United-Kingdom Ronald Fraser
United-Kingdom David Garnett
United-Kingdom Lewis Gibbs
United-Kingdom John Gloag
United-Kingdom Robert Graves
United-Kingdom Gerald Grogan
United-Kingdom Cicely Hamilton
United-Kingdom James Hanley
United-Kingdom L.P. Hartley
United-Kingdom A.P. Herbert
United-Kingdom Edward Heron-Allen
United-Kingdom James Hilton
United-Kingdom William Hope Hodgson
United-Kingdom Claude Houghton
United-Kingdom Muriel Jaeger
United-Kingdom W.E. Johns
Germany Ernst Jünger
United-StatesDavid H. Keller
Germany Bernhard Kellermann

United-Kingdom Hugh Kingsmill
United-Kingdom Rudyard Kipling
United-KingdomUnited States Edward Knoblock
France Jean de La Hire
United-Kingdom C.S. Lewis
United-Kingdom Wyndham Lewis
United-Kingdom David Lindsay
United-Kingdom Eric Linklater
United-Kingdom Hugh Lofting
United-Kingdom A.M. Low
United-KingdomF.L. Lucas
United-KingdomRose Macaulay
United-Kingdom Arthur Machen
United-Kingdom H.C. McNeile (“Sapper”)
Italy Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
United-Kingdom John Masefield
France André Maurois
France Régis Messac
Austria Gustav Meyrink
United-Kingdom A.A. Milne
United-Kingdom Naomi Mitchison
United-Kingdom C.E. Montague
France José Moselli
United-Kingdom R.H. Mottram
United-Kingdom H.H. Munro (“Saki”)
United-Kingdom C.R.W. Nevinson
United-Kingdom Robert Nichols
France Ernest Pérochon
Austria Leo Perutz
United-Kingdom J.B. Priestley
United-Kingdom Herbert Read
France Maurice Renard
United-KingdomSax Rohmer
United-KingdomBertrand Russell
United-KingdomCanada Robert W. Service
United-KingdomEdward Shanks
United-Kingdom George Bernard Shaw
United-Kingdom R.C. Sherriff
United-KingdomLance Sieveking
United-KingdomMay Sinclair
United-Kingdom Osbert Sitwell
FranceJacques Spitz
United-Kingdom Olaf Stapledon
Austria Karl Hans Strobl
United-Kingdom Barbara Euphan Todd
United-Kingdom J.R.R. Tolkien
Czech-Republic Jan Weiss
United-Kingdom H.G. Wells
Austria Franz Werfel
United-Kingdom Percy F. Westerman
United-Kingdom Dennis Wheatley
Russia Yevgeny Zamyatin

Apologies for using modern flags; if I can find or manufacture more period-appropriate icons than the modern flags for Germany and the parts of the former Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires, I shall.


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