George Fitzmaurice in the Great War

Christopher Murray, in The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, says: “Fitzmaurice joined the British army in 1914 and served in France as a private until 1919.” Diarmaid Ferriter, in The Dictionary of Irish Biography, says “During the first world war he served with the Army Service Corps of the British army in France.” Neither biographer says more about the period 1914 to 1918, although accounts of his life in McGuinness and Gelderman repeat that he obtained a job with the Land Commission in 1918, which seems to contradict Christopher Murray’s statement about when he returned to Dublin after the war. So far this is all the information I have been able to assemble. Given how reclusive he was, and how little is known about his private life at all, I will probably need to search for army records to take this any further.


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